Magic Wave

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Technorama – The Swiss Science Center

The Magic Wave is a version of the Square Wave, but with some major changes. Instead of a grid supported by 81 cables, The Magic Wave has a light blue aluminum grid suspended by 256 cables. And instead of two perpendicular waves, its motion is an addition of four variable-amplitude waves: two structured as single-wavelength, and two as double-wavelength. And there is an overall height mechanism that raises and lowers the entire wave simultaneously.

The overhead mechanics contain 3000 pulleys, 5 kilometers of steel cable, and 9 motors. I consider it a collaboration between myself and the fantastic staff at Technorama, who built it in their basement workshop, and figured out lots of the details (down to the thousandth of a millimeter, and beautifully crafted).

Huge thanks to everyone at Technorama for an awesome experience working there, and a gorgeous wave, and thanks especially to Remo Besio, Thorsten-D. Künnemann, Jürg Neuenschwander and Heinz Ammann for their creativity, technical prowess, and friendship.